Why Choose Aluminum Railings?

When it comes to railings, you have a lot of choices for materials. One popular material that you should seriously consider is aluminum. Here’s why: Longevity Iron and steel might rust, while wood can rot or deteriorate, but aluminum never does. Strength Despite being lightweight, aluminum is strong, weather-resistant, and safe. Maintenance-free Aluminum doesn’t require […]

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Caring for Your Wrought Iron

Wrought iron from Cacciola Iron Works can be both functional and beautiful, and with proper care should last a lifetime. Fences, gates, and exterior railings that are exposed to the elements must contend with iron’s number one enemy: rust. Outdoor wrought iron should be inspected regularly to catch any trouble spots and deal with them […]

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Iron Men

The Start of Cacciola Iron Works Founded by brothers Angelo, Giuseppe, and Salvatore, Cacciola Iron Works is family owned and operated and has provided New Jersey residents with stunning ornamental iron pieces for over 35 years. Continuing the family tradition, Antonio and Anthony Cacciola, and Joseph Chavez offer state-of-the-art designs for builders, architects, and private […]

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